Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This roller coaster we call life

I think I've said it before, one of my favorite movies is Steve Martin's "Parenthood". It is so full of little nuggets of truth and advice for parents. Some really good perspective. But one of my very favorite parts is when, just as Steve Martin has just lost his job and finds out his wife is pregnant, the old grandmother recalls when she was young her husband took her on the roller coaster and how she loved it. "Some people," she said (paraphrasing here), "only like the merry-go-round. But it justs goes round and round -- nothing. But I like the roller coaster -- thrilling. Up and down!" Okay, I don't have the words exactly right, but the metaphor is right. And point well taken. Life is more thrilling because of its ups and downs. And it's good to remember that when we have some of the downs. Because some ups will always follow. Up and down!

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