Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The water department

It's supposed to be another hot one today, so despite it being October, I'm having to water the yard -- desperately rushing to get it done before 10 a.m. lest I get a citation. I turn each station on and off manually and carefully time them so as not to overwater. As I was just outside turning on the last station, well before the cutoff time, the water department guys drove by in their truck. I waved a friendly wave thinking it never hurts to be courteous and friendly. I received a sneer in return. Well "f--- y--" I said right out loud, totally out of character for me! Then realized I said that loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Good lord, I'm going to get a reputation as that crazy neighbor lady who swears at cars driving by. Good lord, maybe I am!


lemming said...

There are worse reputations to have! :-)

bekkieann said...

So true, and now that I think of it, it could be my excuse for all kinds of erratic behavior. And maybe people will start telling their children not to go into my yard. Yes, I start to see all kinds of advantages to this.