Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's all in the timing

Took a lunch break, had a bite to eat, watched a little cable news, answered some emails. Almost time to get back to work, I walked outside to check on the yard just in time to see three deer bounding across the street and down into the gully. So they're still around. I hadn't seen them for the better part of a week. Walked around the place and saw the weeds are growing like -- weeds. Then standing on the corner, the water department guy drove down the street and had to stop at the stop sign just feet away. I stood there smiling at him and waved as he scowled at me. He finally waved. Hah! Made a dent in the tough guy exterior.


John said...

So who knows, a five-minute extension on your permitted watering time, next, maybe?

bekkieann said...

Haha, no chance. I expect no mercy. Thankfully, today may very well be the last day of sprinkling for the summer (barring a return of warm temps).