Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weed-whacking success

Finished the upper level and that's the last of the weed whacking for the year. Everything is trimmed down nicely for the winter. Overdid it, of course. My arms feel weak and shaky from wielding that trimmer for over an hour. I'll have a little lunch and hopefully it will pass by then.

Then I'm off to purchase that camera. I've done a little research, gotten a few opinions, and made up my mind. Thanks to one recommendation, I found that model at a shop in town for nearly the best price I found on the internet (probably the same once you consider shipping). Excited!

Jenn gets home from the Philippines today at 4 and I'm picking her up at the airport. So looking forward to seeing her and hearing all about the trip.

Then after catching up and probably some dinner with Jenn, I'm settling in for the big event of the day: the debate. This should be fascinating.

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