Thursday, October 2, 2008

Got the camera

Before running to the airport, picked up some supplies for the sprinkling system. Then found that camera store that was recommended to me. They were really great, showed me not only the camera I came to look at, but comparable ones. I did purchase the camera. Found out they have free classes on how to use this camera. I'll definitely be signing up. The battery is charging now, and then I'll try out the camera for the first time.

Poor Jenn got food poisoning her last night in the Philippines. She looked so pale and frail. But is doing better now, ate a little dinner. We played a few Scrabble moves online during the debate.

Have to go in to the office tomorrow, so off to bed now.

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John said...

Poor Jen. Hope she's on the mend. The Far East seems to aflict quite a few of those who visit with stomach upsets.