Monday, November 24, 2008

Nine is enough

Counted my bird feeders--thought I had four or five. I bought another one, and another. Then I counted and thought I had eight, and then remembered the one in the apple tree. That makes nine. I think that's enough . I'm clustering them around the back patio so I can see the birds more easily from indoors when the snow sets in. I think I'll leave two in the front so I can watch the birds when I go out to shovel.

I devised a tall pole to hold a couple of the feeders. I planted it in a pot below my deck so I could reach and fill the feeders while keeping them out of reach of the deer. I used PVC pipe (two pipes taped together with duct tape) and some sprinkling system fittings. It leans a bit, so I devised a brace to hold it just the right distance from the rail. Not quite perfect yet. I need to work on it a little more.

I'll post a picture if and when I actually complete this little invention.

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