Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeping busy

On my lunch hour today, I put gopher poison down several gopher burrows -- careful to cover them up again so no birds or other little critters might partake. Also tried some new locations for bird feeders to try to thrwart the deer. We'll see how it goes. The mild weather makes me want to be working in the yard again. Nice weather is predicted for the weekend.

A school bus is parked by my house where it broke down today. I heard voices and looked out to see a swarm of little children running all over my yard waiting for the backup bus to come. I had no cookies to offer them. No cookies at all in the house!

"?" and I have decided to stop seeing each other. We're both sad but think it's the right thing. I'm just keeping busy. Been here before, after all. We parted friends.

After work tonight I shredded about two decades of old bank statements -- part of my goal of getting rid of old saved paper. Then went to the grocery store and bought mostly things I don't need but were on sale. I feel productive but tired now. Have to go in to the office tomorrow, so must sleep now, early morning.

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