Monday, September 15, 2008

About a million phalaropes, and two nice drives

My friend told me there are thousands of migrating phalaropes to be seen along the Antelope Island causeway. I had to see for myself. Took a drive out there yesterday hoping to see them. See them!? Can't miss them! Hundreds of thousands of them, maybe a million. The water is dotted with them as far as the eye can see. A couple of groups performed some aerial acrobatics for me, flying in formation low across the water and then on cue the whole group flying straight upward, and turning with a flash of first white and turning again with a sweep of black, great fun to watch. That was about 5 p.m. When I returned from the island near sunset, there was no more flying, all seemed settled down for the night. But a thrilling sight to see.

While I was there, I went all the way out to the island and drove the shoreline to Garr Ranch. Saw several hundred bison along the way, most in one large herd that happened to be crossing the road. I forgot my camera and so have no pics of those mammoth beasts. They seem so tame, and a few people got out of there cars to get photos. Not advisable. I also saw actual antelope, the first time I've seen them on Antelope Island (and that includes numerous visits there). I had stated to think the island had been misnamed.

On the way home I took my second drive on Legacy Parkway. I blogged about it on my RedStateBlues blog today, so won't repeat it here except to say it's very nice, the state did a good job meeting the goals of the parkway.

So take my advice, get out to the causeway and see those phalaropes before they move on south. And drive the Legacy. Two very nice drives I recommend.

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