Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chill in the air

I didn't have a chance to work in the yard yesterday. but just walked around and checked things out. Seems the rainy weekend, including hail, just invigorated everything (including the weeds). Everything seems recharged for the last run up to fall. I'll get out this week and do what will probably be the last weeding of the season. Trim back bushes and trees. It's chilly inside and out but I refuse to turn on the heat yet. Too soon, too soon. Temps will moderate as this week goes on and they are predicting some really beautiful weather. I need to get some pics of the yard.

Filled up the four-day weekend with so much fun. As usual, have to go back to work for a rest from all the fun.

I need to get serious about a few inside projects. I dislike having construction going on in the house - it's so disruptive. But I do need to buckle down and do it.


John said...

Started my weeding today, in response to various 'snarky' comments I've received along the lines of whether I was entering it for the village's "Best Kept Garden" competition.

Its almost chilly enough for heating here too - and I was 'looking' at some decorating that needs doing. Depressing thoughts.... :-;

bekkieann said...

Now John, just be sure you don't do any weeding or decorating on my account. Your fellow bachelors will not appreciate it and may revoke your membership!

John said...

Indeed, there is that danger, Becky. But I guess the time comes when a man has got to do what a man has got to do -even decorating :-)

In the words of the old Viking saying: 'If I'd wanted to live forever, I'd have asked my mother to keep me in her sewing basket..."