Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh for a camera, again!

Out working on the pfitzers, and had another visit. This time two does, two fawns, and one THREE point buck. Probably the one I thought was a two-point, but the rack has grown and is definitely three. They grazed on the grass next door and across the street. They looked directly at me to see if I seemed threatening and seemed satisfied I wasn't. I stopped working and just watched. Passersby slowed and looked. The largest of the does finally walked directly into my yard only feet away from me, and checked out the bird feeder. Brazen little vixen! Some joggers came along making a lot of noise, and scared our little family away.

When will I remember to take my camera with me when I'm out in the yard.

Hoo boy, it was a big job this morning. A couple of hours and managed to do serious damage to those old pfitzers. Lot of scary things in and amongst the limbs, creepy crawly things. As the song goes, I don't like spiders and snakes. I know there were lots of the former, and I fear possibly the latter. My practice is to make a lot of noise going in so anything scary has a chance to leave. Filled the trash can to overflowing and have a large pile of limbs besides. Do you suppose one of the city crew might stop by on one of their trips down the hill and take those limbs? They have a "green" drop-off site at the city shops, but I have no vehicle good for hauling such things. No I don't suppose they would do that.

And the humming birds are out in full force today visiting the hyssop (my friend whose name I am forbidden to mention in this blog says I manage to work the word "hyssop" into every conversation), and chasing one another away as if there wasn't enough for everyone! Ah, what a lovely day!

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John said...

humming birds -lovely!