Friday, August 29, 2008

North Salt Lake - Grrrr

I was having a lovely morning of puttering around the yard and getting some watering done. I am very careful about my watering and have over the last several years greatly reduced my consumption by xeriscaping large areas of my yard and reducing the area of Kentucky Blue Grass. And what is my reward? This morning at precisely 10:15 I was issued a warning by the water department that I was in violation of city code that prohibits watering between 10 am and 6 p.m.

Okay, I was in violation, but I was nearly done, the temps were not hot today, and I was only 15 minutes into the prohibited time. The cowardly guy didn't bother to ring the doorbell and just kindly remind me. Instead he went to the trouble of writing me up and posting the warning on my door. I had heard him pull up, so was opening the door just as he was getting into his truck to drive off. No words were exchanged.

According to my written warning, I get one such warning. The next one entails a $100 fine (though inexplicably the fine drops to $50 per occurrence after that). So now along with my backflow inspection, I must be extra careful to keep my watering within the proper time bounds.

And since I know that at least one city councilman reads my blog from time to time, I am suspecting that they didn't like my previous post about the backflow inspection and sent the little water gestapo guy to lie in wait. Nah, they wouldn't do that, would they?

So now I'm sure I'd better get that inspection done too, although I haven't received the promised warning in that regard, they will no doubt abide the letter of the law and pull out my fingernails one by one (to mix my metaphors) until I comply.



John said...

Local government 'jobsworths', we call 'em over here, Becky. They have biro ink running through their veins instead of blood, and when their 'better nature' (ha!) is appealed to, they say 'Its more than my job's worth, mate.'

A feeble excuse....

bekkieann said...

I'm feeling a little more contrite now. I am, after all, a scofflaw myself.