Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pests of all sorts

Gophers are back. Since the neighbors had the new rock wall installed in the front, it's stirred up some activity. I now have new gopher burrows in a couple of places in my rock wall and in my front lawn. I offered to share my gopher pellets with my 30-something neighbors last night as they were out putting in some plants to enhance their new wall. They seemed shocked I would poison the wildlife. Ah, but just wait. They'll see what havoc will be wrought if they don't.

And wasps or hornets or whatever the heck they are. I tried looking them up on the internet, and it seems they are one and the same. Those devils are everywhere suddenly. I got stung on Sunday so I'm being a little more cautious. They tried building one of their charming multi-celled creations on the back of my hose trolley. I have sprayed three times and broken up the little nest, but they keep coming back. I have a paranoid feeling as I water my fragile new plantings that the wasps are sneaking up behind me ready to attack.

And yes, the deer are once again cleaning out the bird feeders.

One happy note. I had an entertaining moment yesterday watching the scrub jays take turns bathing and sipping the fresh water in the front bird bath. It was hilarious to watch.

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