Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now two does and two fawns

They visited twice this morning while I was outside. They are so unafraid of me. The does are young and the fawns are just tiny. No sign of the two-point today, but I've decided they probably stay together pretty much, though some may be out of my sight. I managed to get a couple of pictures, not very good because of the lighting and distance.


John said...

Hi Becky,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your photos, especially those of the deer. I've been trying to get good pictures of some of my local ones for months. But they are obviously much wilder than yours, as they normally head off as soon as they catch the scent of me -usually when I'm still a couple of fields away. So all I see is a glimpse of their white tails and rumps as they head for the woods.

Of course, they arepoached a lot around here, so have good reason to be wary.

I'll just have to keep trying :-)

bekkieann said...

Here are some even closer from my back door:


This is what happens, I suppose, when homes encroach on their territory.

John said...

They are excellent shots. You are correct about the effects of encroachment. Here I'm on the edge of some of the most sparsely populated areas of country in the UK apart from the Highlands of Scotland, and there's ample room for anything, deer, foxes, badgers birds, to hide. The only times deer have been seen close to houses in the village have been during very severe winters, when they have been driven to overcome their fear of man by starvation.

And we don't appear to get the severe winters anymore...