Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day

Three day weekend coming up. I'm tempted to take off Friday and make it four. They are calling for temps in the mid-90's on Saturday, and then rain and mid-60's on Monday. The season change will be setting in soon. Have windows in the house open today, no need for air conditioning with temps in the 70's. Lovely.

We learned our department will be working round the clock January 1st and forward several weeks to support a major software installation. So we lose the holiday on the 1st and our weekends. No vacations can be scheduled. I need to use some vacation before then as I will be in a use-or-lose situation by then. I noticed I'm schedule for graveyard shift one week. This will be interesting. I've never worked a graveyard shift in my life. Well, we're all in the same boat, so I'll tough it out and hopefully survive it.

Yes, the more I think about it, the more I think I need Friday off.


John said...

Sounds a good idea, Becky. I used to do the "graveyard shift" occasionally when we tried the experiment of 24 hours open libraries. Used to end up me, (having sent the other staff home) and a couple of janitors drinking whisky-laced tea together at 3am, and not another soul in the place.

But you probably can't hope for that.... ;-)

bekkieann said...

Yeah, the boss will be there. No whiskey with our tea I'm afraid. But maybe some Scrabble matches if we aren't busy solving problems.

And GOOD news. I have tomorrow off. So in two hours I start my four-day weekend. I may do something wild and crazy - like paint a bedroom!

John said...

Youu can't get much wilder and crazier than that, Becky (says he, eyeing the ceiling yet to be painted since he moved in...)