Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Little Doe Again

She's a young doe, all right, but she has two little fawns. I walked out the front door just as the sun was setting, and she froze in her tracks in the middle of my front lawn. Watched me a few minutes and then walked on to the neighbor's. Two little fawns came bounding across the street and followed her across the lawn bouncing with that funny four-legged hop that looks like they are on a trampoline. Then came the two-point buck. Slowly, not concerned to see me standing there. Nibbled on my petunias and I had to shoo him on. Still did not run. The doe and buck, I'm sure, are last year's brother and sister. The two older does have not been seen all summer.

I know they are destructive, but I never tire of watching them, especially so up close.

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