Friday, August 29, 2008


I've sulked a lot today over my warning from the water department. And I felt rather immature about the whole thing. After all, I was in violation. But I finally realized why it bothered me so much -- and it had nothing to do with the possibility of a fine. It was far more personal.

What thing has occupied more of my time, energy, strength, finances, love, and devotion this summer than my yard (as evidenced by this very blog). I am always out there mowing, clipping, weeding, planting, watering, hauling huge heavy loads of mulch and steer manure. I've seen them in their trucks staring at me as they drive by. I imagined them down at the city shops saying to one another, "That Mrs. S. up on the hill, doesn't she work hard in her yard, always out there in the heat of the day. And have you noticed that she consumes far less water now than in the past? What a fine citizen!" Not unlike Ralphie in my favorite Christmas movie, "The Christmas Story", when he turns in his theme while dreaming of his teacher's reaction: A! Plus! Plus! Plus! And then reality when the graded themes are returned: C! Minus! Oh, nooooooo.

Yes, that's exactly how I felt. Like I had been outside most of the summer with my body aching and sweat dripping in my eyes, expecting to get an A plus, only to get barely a passing grade.

Upon this realization, I made a tall glass of iced tea, and went to sit on my patio intending to do absolutely nothing the rest of the day. Which I nearly managed to accomplish. And a small flock of finches joined me and sat patiently in the apple tree until I moved a little further away so they could visit the bird bath. And with that nice visit, I was over my pout.


John said...

Great to hear...There's nothing like seeing a nice flock of finches or similar to help calm one.

So I don't need to ship over Diana and her arsenal of weaponry to sort out the municipality for you, then, Becky :-)

bekkieann said...

I.m starting to like this Diana of yours.