Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time to write up a new LOTTD

I've been drifting along, just sort of keeping up with things and enjoying the end of summer. But cooler weather is coming and it will soon be time to put the yard to bed for the winter. I have things in my mind I want to do, but I know the only way I really get it all done is via my famous lists of things to do. The list drives me and I refuse to be defeated by items left unchecked. So that's what I'll do. Tomorrow.

Tonight I want to watch Hillary's speech. I also intended to saw off some big branches from the pfitzers for the past three days and excused myself due to the heat. But tonight is a good 15 degrees lower and I have no excuse. I could get it done before the speech. And I want to start up my daily walking again. This time I won't drive down to Bountiful, I'll simply walk the hillside around my own house. I won't obviously walk as far as on the flat streets, but the strenuousness of the hike should make up for it.

Still, tonight I'm simply sleepy. So it remains to be seen if I will complete any of my three goals for tonight.

UPDATE: Well I sawed off two large limbs, cut them up into managable pieces. Watched Hillary. Didn't walk, but did water the yard.

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John said...

Ah, the terrible LTTDs. I used to have a boss who spent each morning compiling one, and then would write it out "neatly" after lunch. Eventually he achieved the happy situation of it taking him all day to write it out just once....

And he had the nerve to accuse me of "turning procrastination into an art form..."

Which may be true, up to a point .... must go and start some work... but first I'll just go and write a blog....

You seem tohave done rather well at reducing your LTTD yesterday, Becky. An inspiration, up to a point.... :-)