Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know it's blurry, but somehow it was the best I could get this morning, to my eye it was so big and bright, but to my camera so small and distant. Perspective makes such a difference.

The full moon reflecting on the lake shone directly into my west window as I sat in the dark with my coffee. You can't really see the moon moving except in relation to the horizon. But as it imperceptively sank in the sky, it grew larger becoming first pale yellow and finally full orange, the first hints of a harvest moon, before the final sliver melted into the mountaintop of Antelope Island. By then its brightness that had illuminated my neighborhood was rapidly being replaced by the first light of the approaching sunrise.

I am already dressed and coffee'd up waiting for enough light before hitting the myrtle patch. That's today's project. I am looking forward to the physical work of it. I have so many things on my mind today and this will give me a chance to think through them all.

I know changes are coming. I'm prepared for that. Some of it is within my control. But so much is yet unknown. It's not ominous. It will ultimately be good. I'm a person who likes predictability, but since we cannot see the future, we have to wait and allow things to unfold on their own. I am also an intuitive person. Sometimes that can be unsettling. Still I listen, pay attention, but do not act. Just wait, let things take their own course.

One of my sisters and I took in a chick flick last night, both of us single and without a date on a Saturday night! But a sister can be about the best company a girl can have. The movie was fun. Silly, but fun. And, as always, I came away with a little nugget of something to think about: What do I want? The character in the movie wrote it down and posted it where she would see it, and then added to it.

So that's where I will start this morning as I tackle the myrtle. What do I want? It's a big question.

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