Tuesday, September 23, 2008


At last I have started walking again. This time it's the hills. I decided to walk up as far as I could stand it and then take a route home that was all downhill. Worked quite well and I was surprised at my own stamina on the uphill leg. It felt great to be walking again and saved a lot of time over driving down into Bountiful as I was doing last year. Tonight I'll go a little farther. The walk followed an hour of transplanting Russian Sage and Jupiter's Beard plants that had volunteered. So cross that project off the LOTTD.

Tonight, of course, I have to do my civic penance and attend traffic school so as not to have points applied to my driver's license. It's only an hour and it's at 5 p.m., so I'll still have time to do another small yard project and a walk, too. My friend formerly in law enforcement advised me "don't talk" at traffic school. I wonder why he would advise me that -- perhaps knows me too well. I assured him I would keep my lips zipped.

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