Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apres le deluge . . .

We had a true gully-washer downpour last night accompanied with flashing and crashing light and sound effects all around. More entertaining than television last night. This morning it was still raining lightly, but by sunup the rain had stopped and all the little birds and flowers were celebrating the cool moist morning. (Click photo to see larger.)

I sat out on the patio this morning soaking it all in when a young male black-headed grosbeak flew right up within inches, took a sip at the bird bath, left a bird deposit on the hat of the gnome below, then had a tasty snack at the low-hanging bird feeder. Never noticed I was there. He no sooner left, than a black-capped chickadee showed up. But I had to go to work, no more time for birdwatching.

Yesterday I enjoyed the first-in-a-lifetime treat of a visit from a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher. That's one of those birds you see in your bird book and are sure you'll never see in real life. But there he was flitting all around the apple tree. No time for me to grab the camera, I just had to stop and enjoy the look until he left. Tiny little thing, just four inches. The blue color is eye-catching even more so than seen in the picture here.

More rain predicted later today. I'll get a little yard work done on my lunch hour.

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