Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please don't eat the day lilies!

Took a stroll around the yard on my lunch hour. The little bit of sunshine we are getting now has perked up every little blooming thing--all those colorful faces opened up and enjoying the sun. I made it up to the flower bed on the corner. This was a problem spot last year as it was nothing but day lilies and having such a short bloom period, looked pretty dejected the rest of the time. So I dug up most of the day lilies and added in a variety of things to bloom on into fall. The day lilies are very close. A few have already opened up. And what to my consternation do I see? Lily flowers nipped in the bud! There is only one culprit for those tall plants: the deer. So I got out that foul-smelling deer repellent and sprayed all around. And then made my way around to various other vulnerable plants for some insurance sprays.

I saw the little thing that's eating my plants. She was across the street yesterday about 4 p.m. nonchalantly nibbling at low-hanging branches. But I knew she had been here first. There were two large bites out of one leaf each of my newly-planted hostas. I think she must not have liked them or would have finished off those new tender plants. However, they are now shielded with that deer barrier that repels me as well.

In a day or two, more pics of the yard. Many new things are starting to bloom now. The rain returns Saturday and Sunday, and then -- summer. They promise!


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

You have not gotten that motion sensor for your sprinkler obviously. I fortunately have most of my flowers behind the fence. Last night we evidently had roaming elk and skunks. The front flower beds have a definite eau de le pew about them.

Inspired by you I have begun the first of my lasagna gardens. It is a crescent shaped one that links my current bush with my primrose and the future rock garden around the little pond. I got tired mowing between these features. I have got layer one down. It is tiring work. And when I finish this one I have another area I want to group trees with a lasagna bed.

Now to start dreaming about what to plant in them.

bekkieann said...

It really is a lot of work, Jacqui. What you have planned sounds lovely. How wise to dream first and then plant. My garden suffers from a severe lack of planning. Though through some sort of serendipity, it is pleasing.

Imagine, elk! We don't get elk in the neighborhoods here. They can be seen in the wintertime occasionally in the foothills near the city. Skunks, though! I've had more experience with those than any person should have to in a lifetime.