Sunday, June 7, 2009

Change of Plans

A violent thunderstorm hit us in the wee hours this morning. Woke me up and I ended up sitting and watching the deluge and accompanying fireworks in the sky. Could not get back to sleep for over an hour and then slept late only to wake to a gently falling but steady rain.

If you know me, you know I had a list of things I wanted to get done in the yard. But I'm afraid it might just be too wet. So here I sit, with an entire Sunday ahead of me and no marching orders. I'm thinking: What if I just play today? Just do some fun things? I have some Netflix movies to watch, or there's the matinee at the Broadway if I prefer something a little more social. How about browsing a book store? How about sitting down at the computer and mapping out the remodeling I want to do to my kitchen? How about finishing that book Celia loaned me? How about doing crosswords and Sudokus? How about just sitting on the patio and watching the little birds - hah! I already did that! I thought I saw (and heard) the little blue-gray gnatcatcher again. I sat very still but it never came far enough out of the dense leaves for me to see for sure.

Today feels like one of those rare delicious days when you truly don't have to be anywhere and everything you do is purely optional. When did I last feel like this? I don't remember. I accomplished so much in the yard yesterday and this past week, that I'm very pleased with things as they are. I can take the day off, guilt-free.

Stress is the farthest thing from my mind this morning. The newspaper did not arrive. I'll just call in and they'll deliver it later. But sitting here thinking of owning this entire day for myself is almost making me tingle. Let's get out of these lazy PJ's and get on with the day.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

There is something to be said for spending the whole day in PJ's and just watching DVD's and/or ready, ignoring the telephone.

Such a gift to self of unexpected day off.

Michael said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Beck...doing nothing is a much underated art I tell myself sometimes.

bekkieann said...

I did enjoy it! You should try it, Mick. The problem is, I could get very used to it.

troutbirder said...

Mmmm. Someplace along the line I missed this blog. I was checking to see if you had any new book reviews and none were found..tsk...tsk. and then discovered this one :) I also started a more personal one (Troutbirder II) with the occasional book review. The latest review might not be your cup of tea but I suspect you might enjoy the punch line at the end. Take a look if you have time

bekkieann said...


That sound you hear is pangs of guilt for not keeping up better on my book review blog. I should promise to do better. But will I?

I did hop over and read your review. While I'm not a reader of war history particularly, you bring an interesting angle to the topic. Nicely done.