Monday, June 15, 2009

Overdoing it

Hoo boy, I'm sitting here nearly dead. Pushed myself a little too hard in the yard. After work I intended to mow the lawn, but the mower wouldn't start. As I know it sometimes likes to sit in the sun and warm up before it will start, I decided to leave it and finish up the task I started yesterday digging grass out from around my rock wall. This makes it so much easier to mow and I don't have to edge when I'm finished. The digging was hard work, but I finished it. Then I decided to pull out all those tall weeds that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the parking strip. That in itself was enough work for one night. But when finished with that, I tried the mower, it started right up, and what could I do but mow the lawn? So I did. Now my body hurts all over but I feel tremendously satisfied with all I got done. But now, bed and much-needed rest.


Michael said...

Wow Beck, I'm out of breath just reading this....Your garden is certainly reflecting all your hard work, great photos.

bekkieann said...

Thanks, Mick. I'm feeling much better this morning, though it was a restless night. But none the worse for wear. I do need to pace myself. With all the rain we've been getting, I guess I just felt compelled to get as much done as I could during the break. More rain later today, they say.