Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poetry Wednesday: Spiral Jetty

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Not sure where these words came from, but they are mine. The Spiral Jetty is a huge man-made art piece built of rocks in salt water on the barely accessible north shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Spiral Jetty

Love waned,

Nearly gone.

Ennui sets in
Clouds hide the sun.

Turning inward

Spiraling smaller

She contemplates


That fills her days

And nights.

Distant television,

Another lifetime.
Book brings on sleep
Sleep gives way
wakefulness, remembering,

Turning inward,

Spiraling smaller,

Tighter, safer,

Farther from


That might cause pain.

Becky Stauffer
June 2009


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Very, very nice. Reminds me of so many times when I curl in on myself. I try to remember the spiral goes the other way too.

Thanks so much for participating again. I posted this week the first ever poem I had written for a blog and posted for the world to see.

bekkieann said...

I think everyone has such times. Fortunately they are temporary for most of us and we eventually do unwind, stiffen our spines and carry on.

Bee said...

Yes everyone has such times - some recover and some don't. Or they learn to live with it.
We certainly are on the same wave length today.
The curling up - self protection, embryonic state and eventually the uncurling.
Beautiful words.