Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poetry Wednesday: Fade to Blue

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I took this picture (click to see larger) a couple of days ago from my deck, just before sunset as the sun dropped below the threatening black clouds and bathed the valley in an almost painfully bright gold. Then in a few short minutes the sun slipped behind Antelope Island, and the world faded to blue, inspiring this poem (please pardon my poetry-writing rookiedom).

Fade to Blue

Storm clouds edged in brilliant gold
A world bathed in warming light
The shining everlasting hope
Of endless, carefree youth.

But, look not directly into the sun.
You’ll lose your sight,
You may lose hope.
And fleeting gold is not the goal.

Shades of blue overtake life.

It is not sad to lose the light.
With age and experience
We gain new sight,
As we welcome the calm, solitary night.

Becky Stauffer
June 2009


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I had just finished posting my poem on Creative Journey when I noticed your blog had risen to the top of my updated to read list. So I trotted right over.

Love this poem. The sky around here does similar things though there is no island, only mountains, for the sun to set behind.

BTW you are already linked in.

Oh, and sneaking to other posts. Our deluge was yesterday morning.

bekkieann said...

Thanks, Jacqui. The western sky is always interesting, isn't it? Sometimes we get the blue colors when the air is clear. But when there is dust, smoke, or fog, we can get every color from yellow to red to deep purple.

I seems both of our areas have entered the monsoon season. I do like it.

BTW, did you see my rattlesnake post too? I suspect you have some rattlesnake stories.

Michael said...

Great photgraphs B...I suspect we have sunsets like that but they are usually hidden behind clouds....!

Remind me, was fade to blue a movie, a book or a tv show, besides being a poem?....it sounds familiar.

Stay well.

bekkieann said...


I didn't know the answer to your question, so I googled and found:

- a porn movie, 1998
- a Leanne Rimes song
- a book

There's probably more. I didn't find a poem, but probably only because I didn't continue searching. So much for originality.