Saturday, January 26, 2013

Let's get this month over with!

Really, I've had it with the weather this January.  Our air pollution and inversion has been so bad for so long, it made the national news last night.  Finally yesterday, for the first time since January 10, our temperatures reached just above freezing.  Enough that I could venture out and attempt to remove a quarter inch or more of solid ice from my driveway.  It wasn't going to happen with just a snow shovel.   And it was too treacherous to walk on while spreading ice melt (my driveway is at a significant slant).  I had to walk along the sides (in the snow where I could get traction in my boots) and toss the ice melt out onto the concrete as best I could.  With a wide driveway, that meant trips down both sides.  I let the ice melt work for an hour or so and then went back out with a snow shovel and pushed and chipped away the ice, that now was melting and broke away into sheets and pieces.  It was still treacherous in places where melting hadn't occurred, and I had to test every step as you couldn't see the ice -- sometimes it just looked like wet concrete.

I also dealt with the back outdoor faucet that had formed an icicle of its own.  The ice melted and I checked the pipes inside.  I heard no dripping and saw no water, so hopefully, there was no pipe breakage.  Outside there was a small but persistent drip at the faucet.  With the help of some WD-40 and a wrench, I gave the nut on the faucet a small tighten and I think I stopped the drip.  Hopefully, the problem there is solved.

There are ice dams in the rain gutters.  I know this is bad and I can only hope that the melting of the next few days remedies that, too.  The icicles on the house started dripping and then growing, but as the day progressed and we got into upper 30's temperatures, the icicles actually started dropping off the eaves of their own accord.

And then last night when the temps dropped again . . . well let me just put it as I said on Facebook:
And now, as if in a final act of defiance before a Sunday storm that promises to finally clean out all the dirty air, Mother Nature has us socked in with a fog to rival a Sherlock Holmes scene.
 Between the ice removal and the heavy fog, I managed to get to the grocery store to restock.  Today the weather is supposed to remain smoggy.  But tomorrow we are getting a snowstorm that is supposed to scour out all this inversion and pollution.  I don't normally look forward to the snowstorms, but I'll make an exception for this one.


troutbirder said...

I saw Salt Lake on the national news last night. Yikes. Since I can't recommend to stop breathing in the short run does staying indoors help?

Bekkieann said...

It does help to stay indoors and that's what I've been doing most of January. It looks like this fog is still with us as I write. I can barely see the house across the street. I always used to wonder why they said people who lived in Seattle were more depressed. But I understand now. At some point, you need the clouds to be replaced by sunshine. I hope the predictors are right about the storm coming in tomorrow to clean out this air. I've never seen anything like this and never for this long.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Meanwhile we are getting rain. And not even freezing rain. Just rain. Like April rain.

Are we going back to winter? Or was it all condensed in one horridly cold January?

Bekkieann said...

I'm sure we're not finished with winter here. February can bring some cold nasty storms. And we often get random snow storms into March and April and even later, although with warmer temps, it becomes easier to deal with.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

We have just never had it this warm in January. It seems as if we cannot count on history to predict the future.