Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thaw - Please!

It has continued snowing every day this week.  We had another foot of snow on Monday, then a few more inches yesterday, and a few more still today.  This was to have ended yesterday, but you know how these winter storms are--sometimes they just keep going, and going, and going.

This week, they seem to let up around mid-day for awhile, long enough to shovel.  I have been trying to shovel around 2 in the afternoon as the sun starts to break through and the temps rise a little, so the shoveling goes better.  Monday, a neighbor came over and shoveled before I could get out.  I was pretty grateful as we had at least a foot that morning.  However, when I went out, I saw he has shoveled only one side of the driveway and had piled all the snow on the OTHER side of the driveway.  Oh man.  Now, in addition to keeping up with the daily snow, I have spent two days trying to clear the deep heavy snow my neighbor piled up for me.  I'm trying to feel appreciative for the thought.  But honestly, it would have been much, much easier if he would have just let me do my usual thing.  It's so much easier to clear fallen snow than piled up snow that seems to be heavier and icier.  I still have about a 10' x 12' section of that to do, and I've cleared about double that.  It really kills me and I can't just keep at it till it's done.  I just needed to complain a little here. so thanks for listening.  *sigh*

The weather guessers say this is the last storm for a week now.  I hope they are right.  The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be at or near 40.  It that happens, we'll finally start to see some melting.  We actually have a record amount of accumulated snow on the ground right now simply because of so many big storms one after another.  The piles on the sides of my driveway are taller in some places than I am.  It's going to take awhile for that to melt.

I have serious concerns about the roof.  Besides the snow depth and obvious weight, there has been an ice dam all along my rain gutters for weeks now.  I'll be surprised if my rain gutters survive the season.  And I may even have some roof damage as well.  But there's not a thing I can do right now but wait.  Next year, I'll take my son's advice and put heat tape in the rain gutters.  It must be like the heated rock I put in the bird bath.  It never gets hot or even warm to handle.  It just keeps the temperature above freezing so the ice can't form.

In half an hour, it will be time to go out and shovel for the day.  I may take a picture while out there.  Although, I'm so unthrilled with snow right now, I may not.

My biggest worry was what driving conditions would be going to the airport this evening as I'll be picking up my daughter and her husband and I just didn't want another white knuckle drive out there on that often treacherous stretch of freeway.. But the clouds are lifting now and the snow seems to have stopped falling.  And the best sign of all, the little birds have shown up at the feeders.  They always seem to know when it's safe to venture out.

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