Friday, January 4, 2013

My Last Day, My First Day

The last day of the workaday world.  And the question of the day is, "What will you do now? Any big plans? Travel?"  My answer, "No real plans."

The following is my bucket list:
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .

That's right, nothing on the list.  I've never been much of a bucket list sort of person anyway--dreaming of things I might do sometime far off in the future.  The future always seems too far away to me.  I'm more of a short-term person.  I dream about today, this week, this month, and maybe a little later this year.  I have nothing of which to say, "I want to do xyz before I die."

In all sincerity, I feel life has been so very good to me.  Anything after this day is just gravy.  I have loved life.  I have enjoyed life.  I'm not closing the door on any of that.  I'm just getting a seating change--an upgrade to first class, as I see it.

Oh, I have things I want to do, but they are so small as to seem very insignificant in answer to that big question: What will I do?  I'll be busy.  I'll be occupied.  I may even travel -- once in awhile. And I'll write about it in my blog now and then, I'm sure.  Don't expect anything earthshaking -- that just wouldn't be me.

For the rest of my life, I will simply try to do what makes me and others happy.  For me, this isn't my last day.  It's my first day. 

I'm not ready to say how I feel about retirement yet.  I haven't yet experienced any real difference in my usual routine.  Perhaps next week.  And I want to write about the lovely send-off my co-workers gave me, too.  I have so much to process mentally.


troutbirder said...

How sweet it is.... a good plan. Making others happy and yourself as well.
I think, for me, never setting foot in Arizona again will serve both purposes.

Bekkieann said...

That must have been quite the bad experience for you, TB. I can't help wondering what happened. But I know if you feel inclined to share, you will. I only hope things are on a better track now.