Monday, January 28, 2013

Thoroughly, utterly, completely unequivocally SICK of snow!

After a promising morning yesterday, it turned out to just be Mother Nature's idea of torture.  A serious snowstorm set in by afternoon and we ended up today with about another foot of new snow.  And yet another storm is bearing down on us, to arrive tonight and tomorrow and maybe into Wednesday, bringing another five inches or so (they say).  I've been adding up the storm totals since just after Christmas, and with the storm tonight, we'll reach about 4 feet of snow fallen.  Of course, with the freak freezing rain last week and a couple of minor thaws, we probably have 30" on the ground right now in untrampled areas.

I'm so very tired of this winter.  I don't think I can face a wintry February.  I think I have S.A.D.  I really need to see some sunshine.  There has been almost none the entire month of January.  I'm stressing about having to drive to the airport Wednesday night to pick up my kids from vacation.  My luck, it will still be snowing, icy, foggy, or all of the above. 

Bears have the right idea about winter.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Your view is so amazing, even with fog and snow.

Bekkieann said...

It's true. I love it, and most of the time it's worth suffering through winter.