Friday, January 11, 2013

Utah Snowstorm, January 10, 2013 (Gandalf)

They name these storms now.  This one's called "Gandalf," though I originally called it "Gandolfo."  It's a big one for most of the state. I'm guessing we got 15 to 18 inches (National Weather Service confirms 18 inches for North Salt Lake).  I had promised to drive the grandkids to school, so I was out shoveling late last night. First picture below is close to midnight. I had help from a neighbor, thank goodness. I was getting ready to go out this morning when I heard on the news they had cancelled schools today. This is a rare occurrence in Utah -- we don't close for snow. But with over a foot of snow in many areas, the snowplows just can't keep up and the risk is too great for school buses, teachers, and others. It's still snowing, but now I can take my time and go out when I'm good and ready. Snow will continue through tomorrow. So much for the weatherman's prediction last fall of a "warmer, drier winter." Hah!

I didn't clear the steps and by morning, the steps were no longer discernible--simply an incline.  I've cleared them since then.
 After the first path down the driveway, I knew what I was in for.
 Finished, looking from the street to the house.
 Here's my neighbor Nels, who help me clear the driveway the first time.
 Finished, looking from the house to the street.
From my living room window at 5 a.m. next morning. We are buried.  I think they sent the snow plow drivers home to sleep for a few hours. But they have made a couple of passes now by 6:30.
We got another 4 inches or so overnight.  I've cleared the driveway again including the heavy slushy entrance where the snowplow pushed snow and mud from the road.  My good neighbor did the upper and side walks once last night and once this morning.  He tried to tackle the front walk,  but it was too deep for his snowblower.  So I shoveled that out by hand.  It's snowing again and expected to continue through sometime tomorrow.  I believe I'm through shoveling until this thing finishes.  I have nowhere I need to go.

Here's the upper walks my neighbor cleared.
 Here's where he got stuck.
 Here's my meandering path meant to be a front walkway.

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