Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 11: Paint

They arrived right on time, just as promised.  I like the painters, they did a nice job.  Painted the ceiling white, painted the walls tan - about the same color as the opposite wall in the living room, maybe a tiny bit darker.  The chocolate color is gone from the kitchen, but I still have the accent wall that runs through the dining room and living room.  I think I like this color.  I had thought about going lighter, but I think this will be nice.

I enjoyed a wonderful time with my Reel Women friends a good part of the day today.  My dear friend Celia really knows how to put on a party!  Her house is filled with the beauty of the season.  The food she served was so delicious.  What a great time we always have at her house!

Tomorrow is another rest day - no workers in the house.  It is welcome for sure.  I'll catch up on some house cleaning too.  They are very good to clean up every day before they leave, but I see there is that very fine dust on things and I can clean some of that up.  I think they are going to have to redo the patch job of the hole in the hallway ceiling.  The texture they applied was too thick and it's cracking.  I won't worry about it as my contractor is a stickler and he'll have those guys back in here to fix the job.  That's what I like about him, he really supervises those subs closely and makes sure he's satisfied with their work.

The first few days of the week will show some real visible progress with cabinets and lighting going in.  Then I think we wait for the countertops.  The rest of the schedule depends on how quickly those get done.

Here's a picture of the paint.  They only paint where no cabinets go, although they did prime over all new drywall.  I do love that floor.  It will be even prettier when they do the grouting.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

It is already looking a lot bigger. I was told when I did my studio and living room that one darker wall, especially opposite the main entry into a room can make it look a lot larger. I have found that to be true.

So the one chocolate wall will be a benefit.

heatherbelle said...

I've read from day 1to11 and I am all up with the progress..and I think it's going to look fabulous..I don't envy you the process having gone through quite a bit of renovation in my time but the end results make it all worth while.

Becky Stauffer said...

I realize this diary of progress may be agonizing slow and not terribly interesting, but everyone continues to follow and encourage, which I appreciate. I'm doing this mostly for myself as I want a record of the whole thing from start to finish.

I just realized as I read your comment, Heather, that the last normal day in my house was Thanksgiving day, November 26th. I've been living in the moment since then, and despite counting the days, I don't feel terribly aware of the passage of time.