Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 1: Demolition (the real day 1)

They've arrived and have turned off power to the kitchen and started dismantling.  These guys are very considerate and nice.  Covering things to protect from dust.  I'd already covered piano and living room furniture.  I emptied out the fridge this morning before they came - a perfect day for it since temps are sub-freezing outside and I just put the box of frozen foods out on the patio.  I'll have a refrig in the garage before too long.

Things are not as noisy yet as I had expected, but it will get worse I know.  I have no intention of live blogging.  I have work to do - work-work, that is.  My nerves are tense and I'm having trouble concentrating on the complexities of software applications, but am forcing myself.

I'll do an update later - end of the day probably.

UPDATE: Lunchtime

They have everything out except the sink, dishwasher and two cabinets.  These guys are really considerate.  The noise has been minimal except for my neighbor's dog who has barked steadily since the workers arrived (can a dog get laryngitis from talking too much?).  They are just arriving back from lunch break now, so demolition should definitely wrap up today.

I'm finding it easier now to concentrate on work and am being productive.  Back to work now.

UPDATE:  Evening

The demolition isn't quite finished.  I had forgotten the ceiling had to come down -- that whole dropped ceiling.  It's down now.  But the plumbing was more difficult.  The old valves wouldn't turn off at first.  But finally did, so the sink and remainder of the cabinets will come out tomorrow.  The electrician comes in the morning.  Good thing, too.  They cut the power somehow to both of my bathrooms and my bedroom.  We knew the power was off to the one bathroom, but didn't think to check the others.  But I'll live.  I'll take a shower by flashlight -- it won't hurt me.

I promised 'before' pictures.  So now, you get to see the ugly kitchen I've lived with for a long time.  The missing ceiling light is a family joke.  It always had problems, but the ex finally just pulled it all down, intending to replace the whole thing -- but never did.  But we also have broken drawers, missing doors, ugly damaged linoleum.  And those hilarious harvest gold appliances from the 70's - literally!  Well, we always talked about doing this, and now finally I'm doing it.  There's no going back now.  And I survived the worst day.

 And now, it's almost all gone.


Nicholas V. said...

Good to hear all is going well, Becky!
It makes such a difference if you have considerate tradespeople working around the house.
Hope you get to see the great-looking results before not too long!

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

The good thing about demolition is that progress is so evident. Trimout seems to go forever with little progress being made.

Can see why you hated the kitchen. Thanks for the pictures.

Be sure to communicate fully with electrician about what does not work. I have seen construction completed and still half the house is without power.

Catfish Tales said...

I had an ex who did that too. One time I even found my own plumber and carpenter, and he got rid of them half way through their work, thinking he could do it himself, which he never did. That was so irritating, not to mention frustrating. Now, finally, you're having it done and professionally so. Yay!