Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 18: Cleaning up

Today no workers in the house, and with the dirty work behind us and all the tools and equipment gone, I am finally able to clean.  It's a big cleaning, including walls and every surface in the room.  Despite sheets and blankets over everything, a fine dust made its way in.  The walls were covered with a film.  Even my plants had a dusting which I resolved by putting them in the shower.  They perked right up with that.

I took on a job that may have been inadvisable, but sometimes you feel so compelled to get something done you just have to figure out a way.  I had decided I wanted the two large bookcases removed from the living room and moved to the basement.  They are each about 6 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 15 inches deep.  And very heavy.  But how does one weak woman wrangle a bookcase down a flight of stairs (actually 6 steps to a landing and then another 6 steps).  You use gravity and leverage.   I walked a bookcase to the top of the stairs, carefully tipped it toward myself allowing it to lower as I slowly moved down the steps, finally sliding it on the carpeted stairs.  On the landing, I tipped it up on its top, walked it to the next flight and repeated.  At the bottom of the stairs, I tipped it on its side and dragged it to its new location.  Repeat for 2nd shelf.  Yes it was slow, but I had no-one to call on for help.  My son who lives nearby has a back problem, and my son who has a good back is vacationing in Brazil.

It has taken all day to move furniture and clean.  I also moved my dining room table and chairs back in place, which was much easier.  I was able to move the bottom section of the china hutch into place, but I couldn't think of a way I might lift the upper section, so that will have to wait for the workers on Monday.

Throughout the day I've taken frequent breaks and made Scrabble moves and rested.  I feel pretty good after all that, though I expect to feel it more tomorrow.  Here's a shot of the covered furniture all pushed together taken the day the cabinet installation began.  Followed by tonight, clean and back to normal except the plants that are still drying in the bathroom.



Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Isn't it nice to have your life back?

Because the carpenter fell through my living room ceiling I had everything that would not tolerate sheet rock dust crammed into my bedroom and the other upstairs room for almost a full year while I patched the ceiling and refinished it, and finished the studio. I almost went bonkers.

As a single woman I have always found that with some intelligence I can get things moved around. I have used your technique with the stairs before.

Another resource here is the local charter school. They have a group of kids that can be hired to help at very reasonable rates.

Becky Stauffer said...

I don't know how you tolerated it for a year. I can believe it almost made you bonkers.

I'm not feeling to sore today, and think I might just be able to wrangle that Christmas tree up the stairs. Mine is artificial and comes in three sections, the bottom one being very heavy. But I manage it every year, and I'm feeling a desire for a sparkly tree now.