Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 4: No drywall after all

The drywallers didn't show up.  I was gone all day and when I returned, I was disappointed to see nothing done.  But it was Saturday, after all, and I wouldn't have expected any workers, except that I was told they were coming.  Well, it will be Monday now.

I had a long list of things to do today and got much of it done.  One big thing was to pick out a sink and faucet.  Though I made many stops, I found too many choices and much confusion.  My contractor sent me to a plumbing supply and advised I get good quality fixtures.  I visited two different locations and really didn't like the place because the show room had no model names nor prices on anything.  You had to ask for each little thing.  Tedious.  The trick with things like that is knowing the right questions to ask.  The other complaint I have is that there is retail and there is contractor pricing.  So they give you a price and you have no idea what you're going to pay until you talk to your contractor.  I also visited Lowe's and Home Depot and wore myself completely out there.  The plumber who recently did some work for me advised against buying fixtures at Lowe's and Home Depot.  He said all the manufacturers have A and B lines, and those big box stores carry the B lines.  You have to go to a plumbing supply to get the A lines.

I finally realized there was only one way to shortcut all this shopping:  the Internets.  So I have spent hours this afternoon researching stainless steel sinks and various faucets.  And I think I have finally narrowed down my choices to one faucet and between two sinks.  Now that's progress!

I also looked at lighting, but frankly was overwhelmed with too much shopping and didn't like anything I saw.

Before I headed home, I visited my son's family and gave them all their Christmas gifts since they fly to Brazil in a few days.  The kids were excited to get new games and toys.  Grandma got lots of hugs!.

Oh, and did some grocery shopping too.

And did I mention it snowed?  The weatherman lied to us--we weren't supposed to get snow until later Saturday and into Sunday.  Now it looks like a four-day storm in reality.  The roads were icy, the temps below freezing, there were traffic jams everywhere.  What a relief to get home.  I feel asleep with my laptop on  my lap and slept for an hour. This girl needs to try and get some rest.

Looking back on the first week, I'm satisfied with the progress, but I am sure hoping that ceiling gets closed up soon.  My house is losing a lot of heat through that big opening.

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