Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 20: Appliances

Can you believe we're at "appliances"?  I can't.  It seems like so long ago since I picked them out.  Well, they're here, and it wasn't easy to get them into the house.  The stove and fridge wouldn't fit up the stairs due to the railing that could not come off.  So they decided to take them around to the back where the double french doors open right into the dining room.  Trouble is, the route entailed not only a short but rather steep hill, but also deep snow.  Oh, dear, I was afraid to see the delivery bill.  Turns out they only added on $5 more than I was quoted.  Whew! 

The electrician had an emergency job elsewhere, and promises to be at my house tomorrow.  There's still quite a list for him to complete. I need to return the defective light fixture, and I may have to resort to a very negative blog post about the lighting company.  I am so not happy with the customer service I've had from them.  We'll see how they handle this defective product. 

Countertop guy say "Wednesday".  If it really happens, the plumber will be there the same or next day and get everything hooked up and we'll have water.

The backsplash will wait until after Christmas - no problem.  We're also working out an issue with the color of the floor grout.  It's too light to my liking and we are looking at coloring techniques before sealing it.

Here's today's pic.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

The one thing nice about being trained as an electrical journeyman by my ex-husband is I never have to wait for the electrician. Joy!

It is really looking good, BTW. And from little I can see in the blog I think I like the grout color. Sort of ties in with the lighter aspects of the kitchen and ultimately the backsplash. If the grout matches the tile too much then there is no sense of "tile." Could just as well be linoleum.

Bet you cannot wait to cook something?

Michael said...

Lets hear it for the appliances....yea! Things are looking good survived it. I see Thomas Cook are advertising trips to SLC including a viewing of your new kitchen....tea wih milk and no sugar please.....laughing.

Becky Stauffer said...

Actually, Jacqui, I wanted to really minimize the appearance of the grout lines. The tile itself is so striking, I feel the grout detracts from it. My contractor and I disagree on this, but we may yet find a solution that pleases me.

Mick, I'm so glad the Cook agency will be sending visitors my way. I'll get my Brit friend to help with making proper English tea, and perhaps even pour. ;-) Enjoy New York!