Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 3: A little progress

The drywall guys didn't make it today, but the light over the sink was changed out and they hauled away the dumpster and took the pile of things I pulled out of the garage to go too.  Now the drywallers are scheduled to come on Saturday, which is pretty unusual.  But it is great with me.  I'm prepared for the dust to come.  They have plastic tightly affixed over all the openings, but I know some will escape.  Then they expect to lay tile early next week. 

I've got decisions to make:  the sink, faucet, door handles, light fixtures, backsplash.  Plus Christmas shopping tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day.

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Wet sheets. Dampen an old sheet and hang it over any doorway you don't want to get the sheet rock dust into. It works great. You can use a mister to keep it damp.

The sheet rock guy has a schedule he must keep to make the general contractor happy on this so they work Saturday.