Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 29: Backsplash start

Yep, it's different than what I had decided.  And I think it is oh so right.  I love it.  The local store didn't have enough pieces in stock and my contractor drove to Layton to get more to be finished up tomorrow.  These 2"x2" tiles are on a 12" x 12" mesh backing, but our workers are very particular and used lots of spacers to ensure all those little things stayed just the right distance apart.  The terrible snowstorm today didn't keep them away, and they promise to return tomorrow. 

The lighting company was less than satisfactory.  Even after talking to them TWICE yesterday, and finding out the replacement order had inexplicably been cancelled, they failed to get the light on order.  It took two more phone calls today to get the thing on its way.  I insisted that it be shipped overnight at their expense and they agreed.  But I'll only believe it when I see it.  The electricians won't be out on New Year's Eve so I'll still have to wait until next week for that to be finished up.  But it looks like just about everything else could be done tomorrow.

Here's the backsplash so far.  I'm loving it.  Looks like my evening is going to be dedicated to snow removal in the driveway and walks.  So glad I'm off tomorrow.  I'll get pics if it ever lets up.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Yes, I do like this better than the white you picked out first.

When I worked in electrical contracting and freelance writing I used to tell suppliers they did not want to get me angry. Not only would I never darken their door again but I had friends in the media.

I am glad this has mostly gone well for you. I personally am never hiring a licensed contractor to do anything ever again. But the good news is I have so many friends that feel the same way here that we are going to trade labor and knowledge and tools to do it ourselves.

Nicholas V. said...

Looks great, Becky!
I agree with Jacqui. White would have been wrong.