Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 9: Floor tomorrow

Today was more drywall work.  Man, that stuff takes a long time.  The contractor and his painter are coming by this afternoon to review the job.  Floor tile is scheduled to go down tomorrow.  Painting on Saturday.  Cabinets go in on Monday and the countertop guy comes to make a template.  He believes it will take a week to cut the granite, but contractor says it shouldn't take that long.  Electrician comes again on Wednesday to finish up.  I have decided on all the light fixtures, but now the lighting company failed to place my order this morning and I'll have to pay premium shipping to get them here on time.  I'm not happy about that, but I sure don't want to go looking again.  There's nothing I've spent more time looking at so far than lighting fixtures and I'm finished with it.  Hopefully we'll work something out -- I told them I was not happy.

My one remaining decision is the backsplash tile.  I am having trouble figuring out when I can even go look now.  My life is just too busy including evenings.  I may be able to squeeze some early morning hours on Saturday if anyone is open.  But my best friend is having a luncheon on Saturday, and I will not miss that.

No picture today as the room still looks exactly the same.  But if we have a floor tomorrow, there will be pics!

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Things are moving right along. I frankly feel that if the lighting store failed to place the order they need to pay for premium shipping. It was certainly not your fault.

I always toss around a few comments about this being just the first stage of a total remodel of my home, etc. And maybe I will need to take my business elsewhere if they are so unresponsive. Nothing like a little economic blackmail.

I want to do my back splash in hammered copper. It is all a matter of time and money.