Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 17: Let there be light

The electrician came back today and finished  most of the remaining wiring and installations.  It had an instant impact.  And it's not finished.  One of the pendants had to be moved and ended up being right on a strut or something like that, and he needs a different type of device there.  One of the pendant burned out and we discovered it had a defect with a wire pinched in the assembly so that will have to be returned.  The light over the sink has not been tried as we discovered it takes the small base bulbs of which I had none.  But the two can lights got moved out enough from the cabinets and all but one of the under-cabinet task lights were installed.  Monday they'll be back to finish those remaining things and install a chandelier in the dining room and lights in a couple of bedrooms and, if my luck holds out, run a phone line to my new office.

The contractor and crew also finished grouting the tile and tacked the carpet down to adjoin and then cleaned up and made things look so nice. 

Monday will be busy.  Applicances get delivered and installed, electricians will be here, contractor and crew, countertop guy briefly.  This weekend I will clean, clean, clean.  If I'm not too tired, I'm thinking of putting up my tree. 

Here are today's pics.



Terolleeq said...

Oh my heck!!!! It is going to be beautiful. I can't believe the change from old to new. Great choice in color too. I am loving it.

Bill S. said...

It is going to be one beautiful kitchen. I won't show my wife the pictures or I will have my work cut out for me for the next two years. Congrats.

Becky Stauffer said...

I'm truly overwhelmed with how nice it is turning out. Thanks both for the compliments. Bill, it is daunting for sure, but oh so rewarding when you see things evolve. Terol, wait till you see it in person. I hope you guys will stop in the next time you're in Salt Lake. I hope all of you have a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I think you should do the tree as celebration of the kitchen if nothing else. I leave mine up to epiphany so you have time to enjoy it if you do.

The kitchen is lovely. I hope the moving around of lights did not necessitate any sheet rock repair.

Do you walk through and pet it? I did with my studio. And especially when I was doing my own work on it like the tile. I would just stand and stare and sigh lots.

Becky Stauffer said...

I do sometimes leave my tree up well into January. It seems to brighten those gray January days and nights. I'll finally take it down when I tire of cleaning around it and want to reclaim the space in the living room.

Moving two of the lights was so minor, no ceiling repair was necessary. Moving the pendant left a hole and we will decide on Monday whether to put a simple cover on it or try to patch and match the ceiling texture. I'm leaning towards a cover.

I have been trying all the drawers and doors and thinking about where I will put this and that. I had them install a spice rack on one cabinet door yesterday and it pleases me so much. The small conveniences are just wonderful. It's going to take me awhile to not only figure out where to keep things, but then remember where I put them. :)

I have much to do today and tomorrow, including moving some heavy furniture. I'm not sure if I can find help for that or not. The tree will be last and will depend on whether this girl has any energy and strength left.