Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 28: The 80/20 Rule

More running around yesterday looking at backsplash options.  I suddenly felt I was one the wrong track and needed to be more sure of my choice.  I overwhelmed myself looking at new tile stores.  The trouble with most of the tile I saw is that it requires special order.  When I focused on in-stock tile, the options narrowed considerably.  And yes, I took home more samples and pondered the various looks.  I finally made a decision today just at the wire as my contractor needs to pick up the tile tomorrow and will be here to do the backsplash.

Today we got the dishwasher hooked up and icemaker too.  The garbage disposal is not working and will be replaced tomorrow.

The unbelievable item is the lighting store let me down - again.  The order for my replacement pendant light was apparently cancelled.  When I called earlier this morning, I was promised a call back.  When I didn't receive one, I called again she had gone home, but another employer broke the bad news to me.  The light was again ordered but they weren't sure when it would be here.  The store blamed the manufacturer, the manufacturer blamed the store -- the exact same excuse they used on the last failure.  I have no recourse but to wait for the light which means it won't be here before New Year's.  With all the things that could go wrong with a big project like this, you wouldn't think the biggest problem would be with simple straightforward orders of light fixtures.  Yes, there may be a blog devoted to this store.  I no longer think of them as the 'elite' lighting store I once did.

Tomorrow backsplash, new garbage disposal, and we're going to stain the grout to please me.  Then I think just some final electrical.  And the 80/20 rule?  They say 80 percent of the result takes 20 percent of the effort and 20 percent of the result takes 80 percent of the effort.  Thus, at three weeks it looked almost done, and at four weeks, it looks very much the same.  But we are close, really close.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Hopefully that style light fixture is still available and you don't have to replace all of them.

Blog away about this conduct and be sure to put in lots of tags to get it lots of notice.

Becky Stauffer said...

Would you believe that after I talked with them yesterday, they still failed to order it? And it took two phone calls today to convince them to not only get it ordered but have it sent overnight at their expense. It should be here tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. I've lost all sense of humor with this one.