Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's my birthday too, yeah

My birthday coming at the end of the year always seems to provide a good opportunity for reflection and resolution. That was never more true than this year. I do feel I'm on my way to discovering and making my new normal. I feel in charge of my life instead of the other way around. At age 62, it seems odd that a person would still be changing her life -- where is my rocking chair and knitting needles?! Not yet. I survived. I feel alive and energetic. And optimistic.

None of us knows what the new year holds. But we can be sure there will be shakeups in our lives--things we cannot control. But we can be in charge of change in our lives just the same. Years ago Oprah had a challenge she boiled down to "Charnge Your Life". I have taken that challenge to heart permanently. I know I will be thrown off track now and then by life circumstances. But I intend to be in charge of the direction of my life after all. I'll cope when coping is necessary. But most of all, I'll be moving forward improving and relishing my life.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Between now and Epiphany I try and allow a lot of time for reflection on the year past and the year to come. I admit I have a rocking chair and I do knit but it is usually in the afternoon I partake of both while watching a DVD.

I do believe that if we are not open to new directions the universe will knock us upside our heads (in my case literally) to get our attention. The more we are open to change the younger we stay.

Nice blog. And Happy Birthday again.

Becky Stauffer said...

Words of wisdom, Jacqui. Thanks for the good wishes.

(P.S. I love to knit too - nothing wrong with that.)

heatherbelle said...

Happy Birthday.
Mine is at the beginning of the year...January 8th..I will be 59. never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be starting over..but that's life.
So the New year will hopefully bring with it lots of good things. A different road to travel...but then after all they say it's the journey that counts.